Vestry Members

Members of the vestry are the elected lay leadership of the parish, working in cooperation with the rector, other clergy, and staff.  The vestry manages the temporal affairs of the parish, with a particular focus on church finances and the maintenance and care of church buildings and other property.

The vestry consists of a maximum of twelve members, four of whom are elected (or reelected) each year to serve a three-year term.  At an annual organizational meeting after the election, vestry members elect an Accounting Warden and a Secretary.  The rector appoints another member of the vestry as the Rector’s Warden.  Meetings of the vestry are held regularly throughout the year.  The rector presides at these meetings, but does not participate in voting.

Current members of the vestry are listed below:

  • Brandon Sargent, Rector’s Warden.
  • Chris Van Wyk, Accounting Warden.
  • Richard Keiser, Secretary.
  • Tim Babbage
  • Mike Castrilli.
  • Mary Ellen Desmond
  • Richard Limoges.
  • Jane Lowe
  • John Marotta.
  • Kevin Motroni
  • Neville Strumpf.
  • Marcia White
  • Mitchell Harrill-Wright, Youth Representative.