Vestry Elections: Questions and Answers

What is the vestry and what does it do?

The vestry is the elected lay leadership of the parish.  Its principal responsibilities include the church buildings and finances.  The vestry also assists the rector and staff with outreach, planning and program.  Our vestry has twelve members.  Each year four people are elected to three-year terms.  A person may be elected to serve a second term.


Who can vote and nominate people?

Anyone who has attended Saint Luke & The Epiphany for a year and appears on the parish’s records as having financially supported the church this year is eligible to vote and to nominate people to serve on the vestry.


Who can be nominated and elected to serve on the vestry?

Anyone who has 1) attended Saint Luke & The Epiphany for at least two years; and 2) has been confirmed or received in The Episcopal Church by the bishop or officially transferred from another Episcopal church at least one year ago; and 3) has made a specific financial commitment (a pledge) both this year and last year; and 4) is on record as having financially contributed to the church in each of those years is eligible to be elected to the vestry.


How does one nominate someone to stand for election to the vestry?

Any three voting members may nominate a person for the vestry.  A nomination must be made in writing and signed by all three voting members.  Nominations should be submitted to the Nominating Committee (either directly or in care of the church office) by Monday, May 2.  The Nominating Committee consists of three members of the vestry:  Don Duclow, Mike Krasulski, and Mary Jane Stone-Bush.


When is the election?

Ballots will be distributed to the congregation on Pentecost, May 15, and must be returned to the church office by Monday, May 23.


How do I know if I am eligible to vote or to be nominated for the vestry?

Lists of those eligible to vote and those eligible to be nominated for the vestry are available in the narthex and are posted on the bulletin board downstairs.  If you have any questions, please speak with a member of the Nominating Committee.