The building has three levels: the basement, the ground floor, and the upper level where the main worship space is located. An accessible entrance to the ground floor of the church building is located on 13th Street, directly north of the front steps, where a corridor leads to an elevator for access to the upper level.

Another ground floor entrance is found on the south side of the building, in the garden.  That entrance leads directly to accessible bathrooms, the Church School Room, the Blue Room Lounge, and an elevator to the upper level. A ramp leads from the ground floor level to the basement level kitchen, and the assembly rooms used for Coffee Hour and other functions.

The ground floor elevator, accessible from either entrance, provides access to the upper floor: the narthex (or vestibule); the nave and side aisles where pews are located; the north chapel and columbarium; and Furness Chapel where summer and midweek services are held.

Assistive Hearing Systems

A public address system includes speakers mounted on the north and south walls of the side aisles.  Microphones are installed at the lectern, altar, and pulpit.  This system provides amplification that makes the portions of the service spoken at those three locations easier for everyone to hear.

A hearing loop located in the nave transmits sound from the public address system directly to a wireless receiver called a T-coil found in most hearing aids and all new cochlear implants. Listeners use the hearing loop by switching their hearing instruments to T-coil mode. Hard-of-hearing listeners who do not have T-coil equipped hearing instruments may borrow one of our portable loop receivers with headphones. Ask a greeter for assistance.

For more information about using the hearing loop system, download and read: